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Today's Supermodel Girlfriends (Nov 25, 2015)

About Us

Treating You Right is your premier destination for the true supermodel girlfriend experience. We respect our high-end clientele by providing them only the best GFE escorts NYC has to offer. No guessing games, no extra work - just the service and support you expect when dealing with the crème de la crème.

Beautiful women playing a multitude of roles, our Manhattan escorts are at home at a gala film festival or simply an afternoon on a cruise. Why sacrifice your busy schedule? Let arrange your next play date with our reputable stable of NYC female escorts - ready to come to you where ever you may roam.

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We don't do loose strings or frayed garments - only the top notch service you would expect when dealing with the professionals. Our women are eager to please, sophisticated, and totally interested in your anonymity and privacy. doesn't want information that could any way place your sterling reputation in jeopardy which is why we don't keep records of arrangements after the fact.

We want you to focus on your next occasion - not worrying about the details. Your privacy, safety, and security are our fundamental interests because we enjoy serving the upper echelons of New York City - and we aim to keep it that way.

A reputation to uphold? While our models will certainly drop jaws when they walk into the room - their lips are sealed tight when it comes to the details of what transpires between consenting adults.

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Our Manhattan escorts are some of the most beautiful specimens of international allure. Supermodels who would be comfortable posing on the front pages of any gentleman's magazine will be adorning your arm for your next event. These women are truly the ripest of fruit hanging off the vine - tart, sweet, and sensual.

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Save the Bull - Be the Bear

Whether you're looking for that unique girlfriend experience - the kind that will give you memories for a lifetime - or simply a weekend dalliance with a "girl next door", is your one stop destination. With regularly updated photos of our New York City escorts, you'll know exactly what to expect when she arrives at your door.

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Why shortchange yourself with lesser, mouthier escort services that don't understand your needs? Our NYC escorts save the lip for where it's truly needed - ensuring your satisfaction is guaranteed. - Treat Yourself to the True Supermodel Girlfriend Experience!